Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Gloomy Monday Morning in Seoul

There is no rain, little humidity, and it is a cool 20 degrees. Decent weather, but I wish it was sunny...

Busy weekend. Friday my computer broke - Hard drive fried. Luckily I backed up all my important files a week ago, so nothing was lost. I need a new laptop for law school, so the question was to give the computer away before travelling or to travel with it. Well, that questions answered itself.

Friday was my last day of teaching, my first real goodbyes and my first set of tears. I walked my last class of students out of school and waited waving as they walked around the corner. As the last wave back could no longer be seen, a few tears came. Seemingly knowing this, my favorite student came back around the corner for one more wave. He saw me, and came to give me a big hug. We took somemore pictures and then off he went again. Goodbye Sin Chang Middle School.

Friday evening I went with Krista and her host family to Itaewon, it was their first visit to Itaewon and likely my last. I don't like goodbyes, but these past few days have been filled with them. Friday night I met up with Alex, Justin and NoJoon for some beers. We moved from Itaewon to Kon-dae where I got to say 3 more goodbyes, to Justin, NoJoon and to Kon-dae.

Saturday was the going away party for the trifecta of travelling mates: John Hughes, Matt Charlton, and myself. We had a glorious potluck with 30+ guests. Amazing night, great food, good music, and a whole new set of goodbyes. Saving goodbye to MinJeong and Lee was the hardest. "Goodbye brother" she kept saying. Not goodbye, but see you soon!

Sunday was Kim's birthday party. Lebanese dinner in Hongdae. Goodbye Hongdae. Good bye Adam too, we've had some great times... mate.

I've got some great going away gifts tho! A Park-JiSung Korea soccer jersey (my brother), passport holder, luggage tag, fountain pen, and a ton of Korea souveniers (spoon and chopsticks, story board, bookmarks, cellphone charms, key chains, fans). Thanks!

So today I pick up my India visa, it should be a 3-month, triple entry visa. Tonight I will buy travel health insurance. Tomorrow I mail 3 boxes of belongings home - 110lbs. I will also send my money home, pick up some USD and close my Korean bank account. Wednesday will be the final odds and ends: pack my travel bag, clean my apartment, give my cellphone back, a final going away get together. Thursday morning I leave bright and early... 7am I will be heading to Incheon airport for our flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Goodbye Korea.

Dae-han-min-guk sa-rang-hae-yo

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  1. Excellent. Enjoy your past. Enjoy your future. Always be careful, be happy, be kind. Keep smiling, Smillie. I love you